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Why Choose WWServer?
WWServer's™ unique Virtual Server System gives you the fastest, most flexible Servers for hosting your sites on the Internet today. WWServer's Virtual Servers offer you all the tools, reliability, and control necessary for you to maintain a powerful Internet presence.

Our unique Virtual Server System is based on the idea of multiplexing a single UNIX server into multiple virtual machines or servers, each with its own Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name. When a request for a web page is received, our Virtual Server System determines which Virtual Server will service the request based on its unique IP address. The appropriate Virtual Server then invokes the necessary commands to honor each request received.

By sharing a UNIX server (and the high speed DS3 and OC3 bandwidth), you will save thousands of dollars on the hardware and personnel, not to mention the time necessary to install, maintain, and service a dedicated connection (which for a typical business is no faster than a T1). The WWServer Virtual Server System is far easier to manage because the work is done for you. And, to make it even easier, WWServer™ offers easy to use utilities such as iManager and iRoot which allow you to administer your Server remotely. Furthermore, the Virtual Server System offers tremendous Internet connectivity via OC3 and multiple DS3's through GoodNet, MCI, UUNET, and Sprint fiber optic backbones.

Each Virtual Server includes its own set of virtual services- HTTP (web), FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP. Each of which operate in a "virtual environment", independent of any other account. This leaves you with the flexibility to customize your Virtual Server to meet your own preferences.

For example, your Virtual Server will include an entire httpd directory tree. You will have your own cgi-bin, configuration files (httpd.conf, et al), and log files (access, error, and referrer logs- which you can combine if you would like). You can customize and configure your Virtual Server's WWW service to meet your specific needs (and meet them immediately) since you have complete control of your Virtual Server. Similar flexibility is provided for the other virtual services- FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP. Your Virtual Server will come with its own, passwd, and aliases files, each of which can be customized and modified to your liking. These features are just the "tip of the iceberg" as to what is available to you as a Virtual Server administrator.

Additional Advantages of WWServer Technology
Still not convinced? We have compiled a lengthy document that describes even more reasons
why WWServer™ technology is unsurpassed. We are certain that you, after careful study, will find that the WWServerVirtual Server System is simply the most powerful, the most flexible, and the most cost effective solution you will find on the Internet.

What does the Technology Cost?
For the technology you receive,
the prices of our Virtual Server System are very affordable. In fact, if you factor in the bandwidth surcharges other "less expensive" hosting companies charge (WWServer does not surcharge for bandwidth), WWServer™ is the price leader! Find out how the WWServer™ Server Prices compare to other solutions available.

Order a Virtual Server Today
Ordering a
WWServer™ Virtual Server System to establish a powerful Internet presence for your company or for the company of one of your clients is extremely easy. Simply use our convenient on-line Virtual Server Order "Wizard" to order your Virtual Server. When you choose WWServer™ -- you choose flexibility -- you choose control -- you choose power. We look forward to working with you.