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WWServer Virtual Server Extensions
As a
WWServer™ Virtual Server Administrator, you have access to a large array of programs that extend the capability and functionality of your Server. These programs are called "extensions" and though some were developed by third parties, they are all supported by the WWServer™ Virtual Server System.

Each of the extensions is accompanied by a large amount of documentation which you should review and understand if you expect to fully utilize the power of these extensions. Some of the extensions have license agreements that you should make yourself familiar with and agree to. Some extensions require a small setup fee (which is indicated when appropriate).

Last Modified
April 28, 1998

WWServer™ has a web content manager and file browser, iManager, specifically for use with its Virtual Server System. The iManager utility provides a familiar form interface (which you access with your favorite browser) for such tasks as uploading files from your computer to your Server, copying files, deleting files, renaming files, editing files and much more.

February 25, 1998

WWServer's™ own web content manager and file browser, iManager, is supplemented by a WWServer program, iRoot. iRoot allows you to remotely administrate your Virtual Server by providing easy form based wizards. The iRoot wizards walk you through the process of setting up POP accounts, removing POP accounts, adding and deleting e-mail aliases, and changing passwords step by step.

March 27, 1998

The WWServer™Virtual Server System can be configured to house multiple Virtual Hosts. This feature, Virtual Subhosting, allows you to subdivide your Virtual Server into multiple partitions, each of which responds to its own individual domain name.

Web Publishing Using PUT
January 23, 1998

Besides specifying the well-known GET and POST methods familiar to CGI programmers on the World Wide Web, the HTTP specification also describes the lesser-known PUT method, useful for uploading files to the web server from PUT-capable HTML editors.

January 08, 1998

There are quite a few web content and web publishing software packages available. Some of which require specific server side software be installed. In order to use Microsoft∆ FrontPage∆ to publish web content to your Virtual Server, you must first install their proprietary server extensions. Microsoft∆ FrontPage∆ delivers great web publishing power for non-programmers, is very easy to use, and offers advanced web publishing features all tightly integrated with Microsoft Office.

Windows 95/NT
File Sharing
December 15, 1997

the Windows 95/NT Drag and Drop feature, the WWServer™ Virtual Server System allows you to map your Virtual Server home directory to your Windows 95 or NT desktop over the Internet. This feature, which we call Windows File Sharing, is a very convenient and handy interface for maintaining your Web site. After you map your Virtual Server to a network drive, you simply need to "drag-and-drop" files to your Virtual Server. This feature also allows you to delete, copy, and move files on your Virtual Server as if it were a local drive.

Secure Sockets
Layer (SSL)
January 22, 1998

You can provide encrypted web server sessions for your clients by using theSecureSocketsLayer (SSL). With SSL, your customers will feel confident sending you their credit card information online because they know it will be a secure encrypted transaction.

Mini SQL
March 24, 1998

For those that require simple database functionality, WWServer provides support for Mini SQL, or mSQL as it is often called. mSQL is a light weight relational database engine that implements a subset of the ANSI SQL specification. It has been designed to perform the operations that it supports quickly and with very little resource overhead.

Real Audio
Real Video
(Real Server)
May 11, 1998

Because the WWServer™ Virtual Server System operates autonomously in its own environment (just like a dedicated server), configuring your Virtual Server to stream RealAudio™ and RealVideo™ is a simple matter. Our installation and configuration instructions are easy to follow. In fact, you will find it is extremely easy to add multimedia capability to your web site hosted on the WWServer™ Virtual Server System.

February 06, 1998

By acting as a pre-processor and reading embedded tags and HTML syntax Htmlscript™ can dramatically reduce development time by providing canned applications without compromising custom development. Htmlscript is a server based program that preprocesses its own markup language and outputs standard HTML output which is read by the browser.

February 25, 1998

Providing similar functionality to that of htmlscript, PHP/FI or "Personal Home Page/Form Interpreter," offers a server-side scripting language which enables users to write simple scripts and include them directly in html files. This speeds up the overall performance of your web pages since the overhead of forking Perl several times has been eliminated.

May 01, 1998

A common capability found on web sites is that of being able to offer clients automated responses to an e-mail message. Autoresponders return the contents of a file as the response to a mail message sent to an address on your Virtual Server. For example, you may want to set up an autoresponder to answer all "" requests by responding with a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document.

MIME Types
December 15, 1997

The WWServer Virtual Web Service includes an entire web server with a complete set of configuration files. Not only does this include the httpd.conf, srm.conf, and access.conf configuration files, but includes the mime types file as well. By adding extension definitions to your Mime Types file, you can easily allow your Virtual Server to serve content such as Macromedia's Shockwave, etc.

Java Virtual
December 24, 1997

There are several Java tools which are currently available on your Virtual Server. These include a Java Virtual Machine (kaffe), a Java Bytecode Compiler (javac), and a Java Native Compiler (toba).

December 26, 1997

The WWServer™ Virtual Server System includes access to a daemon which can execute scheduled commands. This daemon, commonly known as "cron", can in effect tell the system to 'run this command at this time on this date'.

January 15, 1998

The UNIX finger service can be used to provide a form of user directory service. After you have installed the finger service, remote users will have the ability to query user profiles on your Virtual Server.

February 24, 1998

WWServer™ provides each of its Virtual Server Administrators with the ability to automatically start daemons (or programs) at system startup time. This service insures that important daemons that you rely on are restarted when a server is taken down and rebooted after scheduled maintenance.

March 06, 1998

The WWServer™ Virtual Servers System supports "poppass" service, the Eudora change password server. This service allows users to change their passwords remotely from their Eudora mail clients.

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)

WWServer™ has compiled a list of software resources which offer our Virtual Server Administrators the ability to conduct electronic commerce. In our web pages dedicated to Electronic Commerce, you will find discussion about SSL and Digital Certificates, Shopping Cart Systems, and Transaction Processing.

CGI Library
WWServer CGI library was created to offer basic CGI script solutions to our customers. The CGI library includes friendly advice and help setting up CGI scripts such as imagemaps, send comments forms, guestlists, search engines, counters, and more. The scripts are absolutely free and include source code. Enjoy!

Java Applets and JavaScript
Because Java applets are platform-independent, the
WWServer™ Virtual Server System is quite capable of supporting pre-compiled Java classes. WWServer also provides its clients with a Java Bytecode Compiler, a Java Virtual Machine (Interpreter) and "Just-In-Time" Compiler, as well as toba - a Java Native or "Way Ahead of Time" Compiler. A compilation of some classic and useful Java applets is available in the WWServerJava Applet Library. Some very useful scripts are also cataloged in the WWServerJavaScript Library.

WWServer Contrib Library
WWServer™ Support Department has compiled several useful programs for our clients that can be installed by following easy step by step instructions. The WWServer Contrib Library is an index of these programs which include Majordomo, PGP, WWW Board, WWW Count, mkstats, and many others.