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Virtual Server Price Comparison
For the quality of service you receive, the prices of our Virtual Servers are unbelievably low. In fact, if you factor in the bandwidth surcharges many other hosting companies levy. (
WWServerdoes not surcharge for bandwidth), WWServeris the price leader. If your current hosting provider charges you for bandwidth, find out what the true price of your current hosting solution can be.

WWServer Price Advantage
The table below compares the price and main features of the "medium sized" hosting packages (~100 MB) offered by several hosting companies.

WWServer  Host A   Host B   Host C   Host D 
Disk Space (MB)
100 50 75 75 75
Virtual Server or Virtual Host
Server Host Host Host Host
Free unlimited POP accounts
Free unlimited e-mail aliases
Redundant DS3s
Virtual Hosting Capability
Server Setup Fee
$50 $175 $50 $30 $99
Monthly Charges
$150 $99.95 $150 $189
* - All information current and documented as of November 1, 1997

Personal Web Servers
You may have noticed that
WWServer™ does not offer a "personal" web server or hosting product. This type of product will typically cost $19.95, $14.95, or even $9.95 for 2-10 MB of disk space and limited capability. At WWServer™, our philosophy is to partner with our Resellers not to compete with them. Therefore, instead of offering a low cost solution to this large market, we provide our Resellers with Virtual Hosting capability, i.e. the ability to partition a single Virtual Server into multiple Virtual Hosts, each responding to its own domain name.

These Virtual Hosts are ideally suited for "personal" web servers which can then be offered to individuals and very small companies. This feature of the Virtual Server System is offered to our Resellers at no additional monthly charge. If you market this feature of the Virtual Server System correctly, you can literally make hundreds of dollars on a WWServer™ Virtual Server that costs less than $100.

Why Pay More For Less?
If you could have the power of a
WWServer™ Virtual Server at a Virtual Hosting price (see table above) - why would you pay more for less? If you have the ability to partition your WWServer Virtual Server into multiple "personal" web servers with strong profit margins, why resell the "personal" web servers of another company who also compete in the same market against you? WWServer™ provides all of the capabilities and features you and your clients demand, and at a price that will allow your business to grow. Enquire about our Reseller Program and order your first Virtual Server today.