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Virtual Server Prices
The price for each of the
WWServer™ Virtual Server Systems is given in the table below. Benefits and features shared by each of the Virtual Server systems is also shown.



( Basic Virtual Server )


( Fully Functional )


( Enhanced Capacity )

 Disk Space 

35 MB

100 MB

275 MB

 Setup Fee  $50 $50 $50
 Contract Length  monthly monthly monthly
 Price  $55/month $95/month $245/month
S E R V E R   E X T E N S I O N S
Disk Space
$1/MB/month $1/MB/month $1/MB/month
 Encryption (SSL)  $50 setup fee
no monthly fee
$50 setup fee
no monthly fee
$50 setup fee
no monthly fee
 CyberCash  $50 setup fee
$50 setup fee
$50 setup fee
no charge no charge no charge
 mSQL  no charge no charge no charge
 RealServer  no charge no charge no charge
There are a number of useful utilities that extend the capability of your Virtual Server. Many of these Server Extensions, such as mSQL, RealAudio, RealVideo, and Microsoft FrontPage, are provided to you free of charge. However, some extensions (listed above) require additional setup fees and monthly charges.
All prices are given in US dollars. Prices are subject to change.
Each Virtual Server also includes these great benefits:
Host one or more domain names on the your Virtual Server (Server B and Server C only).
Complete administrative access to your Virtual Server allows you to create custom Server configurations and control the complete settings of your Virtual Server.
Confidence that your online business remains "online" with redundant DS3 (45 Mbps) connections, supplemented by a new OC3 (155 Mbps) connection to the Internet, all through diverse Internet Providers including Sprint, MCI, UUNET and GoodNet (refer to the Network Section of our Web Site for facility connectivity maps).
Access your Server through telnet, SSH, almost any FTP program, the iManager and iRoot browser interfaces, or Windows File Sharing
The latest Microsoft∆ FrontPage∆ 98 extensions are free and readily available, or you can use any HTML editor to create and publish your web sites.
The WWServer Support Problem Tracking System insures you receive timely and thorough responses to your questions. Search through our knowledge base and commonly asked question archive to find immediate answers.
The WWServer Virtual Server Systems are located in facilities that are supported by backup UPS power and a power generator
We do not nickel and dime you with additional bandwidth usage charges. While, our Virtual Servers do not offer unlimited bandwidth (there is a physical limit to everything, including a DS3), we do offer you capacity in excess of the requirements of the vast majority of sites on the Internet.
Triple backups of your data: Online Mirrored Hard Drive of user volume, Compressed archive to separate system volume, and a digital off-site Tape Archive.
Independent cgi-bin with the ability to compile and run any cgi script or Java applet. You can also use any of CGI Library scripts, Java applets, third party applications, or server extensions featured on the WWServer™ web site.

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