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WWServer Technology Comparison

WWServer, the world's most advanced Virtual Server System, has developed a significant technological edge over simple hosting companies. A Virtual Server is all about control, and WWServer gives that control to you.

The WWServer Virtual Server System was created by "multiplexing" or partitioning the root physical server into many independent Virtual Servers. Only the physical hardware is controlled and maintained by WWServer. All of the software – web, ftp, and pop services, as well as the smtp gateway – is completely independent, affording you complete flexibility, control, and power over how your Internet services behave. This gives you the ability to configure and customize (hack if you will) your own Virtual Server. Below are just a few of the advanced features of the WWServer Virtual Servers and the control they offer you.

Software Technology:

1. WWServer provides true Virtual Servers using its own unique proprietary technology. A WWServer Virtual Server is not just a hosting solution – it is much more than that. A WWServer Virtual Server is a powerful Internet solution with all of the server capabilities that you need to make your business more effective on the Internet. "Virtual hosting", which other hosting companies offer, is simply a single feature of the WWServer Virtual Server System. WWServer allows you to host multiple virtual web hosts – each with its own domain name, FTP access, virtual e-mail, and even set quotas – on a single fully functional Virtual Server.

2. WWServer not only puts you in control of your Virtual Server configuration files, you also have your choice HTTP (web) server software, either NCSA or Apache – two of the most popular and widely used server software packages.

3. The Virtual Server System not only provides FTP access, you also have telnet, secure shell (SSH), Microsoft∆ File Share (your Virtual Server's disk space becomes a network disk volume on your Windows desktop), along with iManager/iRoot (you can upload/download via your web browser). iManager/iRoot are provided by WWServer to provide you full control over your Virtual Server functions without needing Unix experience.

4. Because WWServer offers true Virtual Servers, you have full cgi support. Create your own cgi scripts in Perl4/5, C, C++, Objective C, Java 1.02, Java 1.1, TCL/Tk, Python, sh, etc.

5. A WWServer Virtual Server provides you with full access to your own log files including access_log, error_log, agent_log and referrer_log (in a combined or separate log format) that are fully compatible with almost all popular statistic programs. You also have your own sendmail and ftp log files.

6. Each fully functional Virtual Server supports Anonymous FTP, Multi-user FTP w/ quotas, FTP directory messages and "welcome" messages, Anti-"Warez" support and secure user directories so your virtual host users cannot get to privileged files.

7. The WWServer Virtual Servers allow you to easily create unlimited e-mail aliases, support unlimited autoresponders, and create unlimited POP e-mail accounts at no extra charge. (POP service not available for the Basic Virtual Server - Server A).

8. The WWServer Virtual Server System gives you control over your own "" and e-mail "aliases" files. Therefore, popular list manager software like Majordomo works great. Majordomo is even included in the WWServer "contrib" library (which is quite large). The "contrib" library also provides resources like PGP, WWW Count, and Matt's WWW Board (just to name a few).

9. WWServer supports the mSQL database program. In addition, you are not limited to one database like many of our competitor's mSQL offerings; rather, you can create numerous databases for use with your Virtual Server.

10. The WWServer Virtual Server System supports SSL, CyberCash, htmlscript, PHP/FI, RealAudio™, RealVideo™, Microsoft∆ FrontPage∆, and just about any Unix BSD based program you can find.

11. The WWServer Virtual Server product has "clean" e-mail headers. You will not see "" anywhere in your headers nor in the e-mail messages you send. Also, when you type "hostname" at your telnet prompt in your Virtual Server you will see your own domain name not the WWServer machine name. As far as anyone knows, you have your very own dedicated server located in your office.

Server and Network Technology:

1. WWServer uses proven Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro, and Pentium II technology. This is the same technology which is used to power the fastest supercomputer in the world, which is capable of more than 1 trillion operations per second.

2. Each WWServer Virtual Server has two high-speed disk I/O channels and use advanced Ultra SCSI disk technology.

3. WWServer uses 50ns EDO/ECC (Error Check and Correcting) Micron memory, and lots of it.

4. WWServer concentrates hard on keeping its Servers properly balanced so they are never over-loaded. WWServer proves this by placing less than 100 accounts on each of its Servers. Many other hosting companies place 500-1000 accounts on a single Server. Proper load balancing is just one more way WWServer provides you the power you expect.

5. The WWServer Network employs high speed Cisco 7500 routers and Cisco 5000 switches. Each Server has its own dedicated, full-duplex (collision-less) connection. The routers have dual power supplies and dual route processors.

6. Your online business is kept online using redundant DS3 (45 Mbps) connections through a diverse network of backbone providers: Sprint, MCI, and UUNET. WWServer has also recently added an additional OC3 connection to GoodNet that provides 155 Mbps to further improve its great connectivity.

7. Triple file backup of your data is offered using the following processes:

8. All of the WWServer server and networking equipment have UPS battery and generator backup power supplies.

By choosing WWServer- you choose control, you choose flexibility, you choose power.