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Virtual Subhosting
Virtual hosting, or subhosting, is one of the most powerful features of the
WWServer™ Virtual Server System. With virtual hosting you can support multiple domain names on a single Virtual Server. In other words, you can host "" and "" on the same Virtual Server, each with its own domain name. You can also offer the ability to give each virtual host their own unique FTP login and access to their own subdirectory only, along with creating e-mail addresses using their own domain name. (Virtual Subhosting is not supported on the Server A).

There are some limitations to virtual hosting; however, WWServer™ offers this functionality without charging you monthly for the virtual hosts you maintain. For performance reasons, we recommend that you put no more than 15 hosts on a Virtual Server. The actual number of hosts will vary depending on the popularity of the subhosted sites. Should you find that one or more of the subhosted accounts begins to outgrow the limits of subhosting, you should upgrade the subhosted account to a full Virtual Server. This is obviously in the best interest of the other sites that you host on the server.

When used correctly, virtual hosting offers you a powerful, low-cost product that you can use to get your "foot in the door" with prospective clients. You can use virtual hosting to provide clients with a small sample site for $10 to $20 per month, later upgrading them to their own full Virtual Server as their needs expand.

WWServer™ will add a new domain name (virtual host) to an existing Virtual Server for a one time $25 setup fee per domain name. You can request an additional domain name for a Virtual Server you administrate by using our Order Processing System.

Virtual Hosting Setup

You may be aware that it is possible to configure the latest releases of NSCA or Apache web servers to support what is known as "Virtual hosting". Virtual hosting is a popular concept because it allows multiple domain names to be hosted on the same httpd Server. In fact, much of our competition (and yours) markets Virtual hosted packages for as little as $20-$25 dollars a month. The lower price (with respect to Virtual Servers) is justified by the fact that Virtual Hosting does not offer as much power and flexibility as Virtual Servers. This is illustrated by the fact that you can configure a Virtual Server to perform Virtual Hosting but the reverse cannot be done.

Virtual Hosting, under the HTTP/1.0 specification, is based on IP addresses, where the Server requests are sorted based on the IP address and appropriate content is served from a corresponding subdirectory of the Web Server. Since Virtual Servers cannot be configured to host multiple IP addresses, Virtual Hosting has been previously unavailable. However, with the introduction of the HTTP/1.1 spec, an "IP-less" virtual hosting solution is now available. Many browsers, servers, and spiders are now pseudo HTTP/1.1 compliant- i.e. some of the HTTP/1.1 features have been implemented in an HTTP/1.0 based product.

The last generation of browsers (Netscape 2.0+, MSIE 3.0+) are pseudo HTTP/1.1 compliant. The browsers pass to the Web Server an environment variable "HTTP_HOST" which identifies the domain name of the request. Using this environment variable, the Virtual Servers can be configured to respond to different domain name requests from the same Server. This creates a tremendous advantage for you as a WWServer™ Virtual Server Administrator. Not only will you be able to offer high end Virtual Servers, but you can market lower end Virtual Hosted packages for a cost that is competitive if not less than many other vendors in the market now. WWServer™ will continue to sell only Virtual Servers and push Virtual Hosting as a benefit to Resellers who then can then partition a Virtual Server into multiple Virtual Hosts.

You may have noticed multiple companies emerging in the market lately offering low end web services for "$19.95" (they typically place a surcharge on bandwidth usage). Now you too can offer a low cost solution by partitioning up a Virtual Server (already a great deal), into multiple low cost Virtual Hosted solutions for potential clientele. WWServer™ believes that the Virtual Hosting coupled with the Reseller Discount Program gives its Resellers a tremendous advantage in the web presence market and we sincerely hope that you take advantage of this powerful feature. For example, one of our competitors offers Virtual hosted packages on T1's with 20 MB of space for $19.95/month. They place a surcharge on bandwidth over 500 MB/month (we don't).... and from what we understand they place approximately 250-300 servers on each machine. So clearly, you can market a Virtual Host on a WWServer™ Virtual Server as a superior alternative.

Virtual Hosting is a feature of our Virtual Server System and is provided to our Virtual Server Administrators at no extra monthly charge. The only additional cost is a one time $25/domain name handling fee for additional domains. However, domain name products are subject to your Reseller Discount.